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`And what's the best of all, you've been more comfortable with me, when I've been under a dark cloud, than when the sun shone. That's best of all.' 


It is of critical importance that my gratitude to those who have helped in making this project a real possibility over the last few years be stated on this the opening page. Without you there is no chance that this creation would have been born.


​Primarily I would love to thank my own haphazard brain for offering some rare flashes of clarity amidst the usual pigswill that can often consume it. For many years I believed you to be a sort of backwards curse and despite constantly proving to be a fairly annoying and farcical piece of equipment, you have shown to have some usage after all. Now I can almost forgive you for all the times you whispered 'right' in my ear when it should clearly have been 'left'. You never cease to amaze me.


Huge mention to Andy Turner who kindly saw worth in my scribbles and helped bring my works to life. Without whom they would still be collecting dust in the folder under my bed. Will always be eternally grateful for this.


Emma Jean Gold, Pete Oakley, David 'Disco' Hartley and Yvette (Yerv) Warburton receive praise for their vital roles in being my sound boards. Often the first to see my new works, they have relentlessly offered feedback, praise (when due) and pearls of wisdom. Oakley also gave me my first live performance.  






A word of thanks to the unsuspecting victims. From 'Spinning Jenny' to 'Zach' and beyond. Although, during the time in my life we came into contact I quite probably despised you, I have now got nothing but love and admiration for you all.




Special mention to my old English Teacher, the late Steve Pashley who taught with vigor and pashion. Gone but never forgotten


Final cheers to my Mam and Dad. Dad's Beatles/Dickens influence from a very early age, has provided a great barometer to compare all else(Black and white pays off). While crucially Mam always knew that perfect moment to laugh or cry. Often, inwardly I would share a tear when the throat lump grew, although you never knew.


I hope these give you some pleasure







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